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About Us


Forex International Trading Group, Inc. (FXITG) with corporate headquarters in Hallandale Beach, Florida USA, is partnered with Advanced Currency Markets (ACM) of Geneva, Switzerland as an Introducing Broker (IB).  Forex International Trading Group (FXITG) and Advanced Currency Markets' core activity is the Forex Spot Cash Currency and Gold Market.

ACM is a member of the Independent Brokers Association and the Financial Markets Association, and is regulated by the Swiss Federal Department of Finance (AFF).  ACM is also the first company in it's field to be ISO-901 certified in providing independent money managers, financial institutions, and wealthy private costumers with the best possible access and tools to International
Spot Cash Currency and Gold Trading.


Managed Forex Service


Our Managed Forex Service was specifically created for the first time investor who wants to speculate in the Forex currency market for profit; but lacks both experience and the time to focus daily attention to hourly chart studies, technical and fundamental analysis, and the daily reporting of economic data. Therefore a first time investor should begin by opening a Managed Forex Account rather than attempting to conduct the trading on there own.  

We trade only the G7 major currency pairs in the spot cash Forex currency market  looking for trades we deem to have the highest probability to be profitable trades. The three main priorities of our Managed Forex Service begins with Prudent Money ManagementOptimized Loss Control  Capital Preservation by limiting the risk exposure by utilizing stop loss and limit orders prior to all entry of buy and sell orders.


About Our Software Trading Platform Station


Our Online Trading software platform, provided by ACM, has a built in 100:1 leverage and margin-management capability that allows the trading platform to perform an automatic pre-trade check for margin availability and will only allow the trader to execute a trade if there are sufficient margin funds in the account. In the event of an open trade when funds in a client's account falls below the margin requirement, the Forex Online Trading platform will automatically close the client’s open position; thus, preventing the client’s account from ever falling into a negative equity position; thus, no margin call.


Forex International Trading Group endeavors to provide good service and currency broker assistance to our client's success and satisfaction as our top priority. With that in mind; we invite you to consider a relationship with a company based on clarity, honesty, and hard work. We are extremely confident after having tried our Managed Forex Service; we are sure you will agree there is not a more competitive way to succeed in the Forex currency market.

Integrity You Can Feel 


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