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Benefits of Forex vs Futures

Benefits of Forex.

Vs. Futures

 400:1 Leverage


Price Certainty  


24-Hour Trading


Forex offers more Liquidity than Futures:

The benefits of trading forex market over futures may be significant. The forex market is the largest, most active financial market in the world, executing over $1.5 trillion a day or about 46 times greater than all futures markets combined. Compared to the $30 billion futures trades executed daily, the volume of the Forex market is clearly superior. The daily futures volume on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is only slightly over 2% of the volume generated in the forex market. This tremendous liquidity is one of the many advantages that having full access to the forex market has over futures.

Rapid execution and set prices:

In the futures market, you are not offered instant execution or a set price. Electronic trading has not necessarily advanced futures trading, as the execution speed is not stable and the price for fills on market orders is not certain. When trading forex under normal market conditions, you are given price certainty and near instant execution on your orders. With (FXITG) you are able to interact with live streaming prices directly on the chart, and your trades are filled instantly. There is no difference between the price you see and the execution price – no matter how volatile and active the market is moving.

Forex offers higher leverage and lower margin than futures:

The forex market allows traders to place trades with larger leverage than in most futures contracts. And, as a bonus, you can actually specify the degree of leverage that you want to use while trading. In Forex the market you are able to trade with up to 100:1 leverage. In futures, there is one margin rate for day traders and another for overnight positions, and these rates vary depending on the size of the transaction. With Forex, you are able to access the same margin rate daytime or nighttime. However traders should note that leverage can work for or against the trader, and that increasing leverage increases both potential gains and losses on any given trade.

24-hour access to the forex market:

The forex market is open 24-hours a day, starting at 5p.m. Sunday EST until Friday at 5p.m. EST, unlike the futures market. This means that as a trader you can buy or sell at any given moment as market conditions change – you don’t have to wait for the market to open again to place your trades. In the futures market, there are overnight contracts, but they can only be sparsely traded, are difficult to access, and the liquidity is minimal. Forex is a constant stream that moves 24 hours a day. With FXITG, Forex custom alerts can be designed to signal when the market makes a move the trader wants to be notified about – and we also offer an automated trading system that will buy or sell based on market-specific occurrences a trader specifies (so, if the trader wants to see a certain rate, should the market move in that direction, the order will be automatically executed).

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