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Forex is the name given for the direct access to Forex online currency trading of the Forex currency market. With an average daily volume of over $1.9 trillion, that turn over trading volume is more than 5 times the amount of the U.S. Stock market and U.S. Treasury markets combined and for that reason, it makes it extremely difficult for governments and currency brokers that trade for large financial institutions and banks to be able to control the direction of the Forex currency market which is the world's largest and most liquid financial market in the world today.

In the past, Forex online currency Trading was once limited to large banks, major money centers and the large financial institutions through out the world, including our own federal reserve bank. But in just over the past decade, with today’s vast technology of Forex online currency trading and the advances in communications, information now flows around the world in a matter of seconds no longer days

These new technologies and the development of Forex online currency trading platforms, allow investors and currency brokers to place currency trades of all sizes to get instantaneous execution and total price certainty on orders up to one million dollars in size including stop-loss and limit orders as well. This allows you to respond and enter trades with confidence off of real-time buy or sell quotes.

Forex currency market is a true 24-hour market that literally follows the sun around the world, from the United States to Australia and New Zealand, to Hong Kong, the Far East, Europe and then back again to the United States.

 The around the clock 24-hour global activity and the unmatched liquidity no matter what the economic world Conditions are, individual speculators and currency brokers can  respond to all market conditions at any time; unlike stock and futures trading.  This is what makes the Forex currency market the ideal perfect market for speculators and currency brokers.


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