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Managed Forex Service



Managed Forex Service

Because we work with currency exchange trading on a daily basis in the Forex currency market, we clearly understand how difficult and time consuming it would be for an investor who wants to take advantage of the potential opportunities in the 24-hour foreign currency market and lacks both the time and experience to trade on their own. And at the same time conduct important technical analysis and hourly price chart studies including important economic data.   

The two main priorities of our Managed Forex Service account are Prudent Money Management and Capital Preservation. For that reason, Forex International Trading Group provides a Managed Forex Service Account traded under professional monitored conditions. Our aim is to provide our clientele with well thought out trading ideas and strong emphasis on risk management techniques utilizing sell stop loss and limit orders to optimize capital preservation. 

Our approach to trading is based entirely on Technical, Fundamental Analysis with full attention focused on the spot cash currency market and price action of the different major currency pairs applying our system with greater emphasis on hourly price chart studies in our attempt to generate good entry and exit signals.

Our online trading platform has a built in margin-management capability that performs an automatic pre-trade check for margin availability and will only allow the trader to execute a trade if there are sufficient margin funds in the account. In the event that funds in a client’s account falls below the margin requirement, the trading platform will close those open positions, thus preventing the account from ever falling into a negative equity position. Thus no margin calls.

Forex International Trading Group endeavors to provide good service and assistance to our client’s success and satisfaction as our top priority. We invite you to consider a relationship with a firm based on clarity, honesty, and hard work.

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