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Forex International Trading Group devotes the necessary time doing the homework required to help our clients have an advantage over individuals or concerns that rely on luck for success.  We do our market homework very carefully by charting the price action of the major forex currency rates and weighing the profit opportunities against risk of losses with meticulous care before establishing positions. Our research and forex technical analysis not only forecasts the direction of currency exchange rates, but also analyzes and forecasts the behavior of an assortment of people, cultures and how the mixture of these elements will determine the directional of the forex currency rates. We would just as well be short as long, and we nearly always know how much of a "Draw Down" to allow before stepping aside. Likewise, every position has an identifiable profit objective before undertaking any new position. We have an exit point directly in mind, (sell stop price) as well as an entry point (limit order). We never desert a good position for minor reasons. We always have a firm conviction about the price level at which we are willing to exchange one currency for another, unless the market accommodates us in an acceptable range, we have the patience to wait.

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The whole purpose of forex technical analysis and charting the price action of the forex currency rates is to identify a fx dollar trend and breakouts in the early stages of their development. These two characteristics are constant for short term to medium term trading. In fact, most of the techniques used in this approach are trend following in nature. When a fx dollar trend is in motion it is more likely to continue than to reverse regardless of which way the fx dollar trend is moving. Another way to state this corollary is that a fx dollar trend in motion will continue in the same direction until fundamental or technical reasons change its direction. The entire fx dollar trend following approach is predicated on riding an existing trend until it shows signs of reversing.

Using Signals As Alerts: Computer generated signals can relieve the trader of trading uncertainty, by preventing him or her from falling into the trap of top and bottom picking. The computer can be especially valuable even when used only as another technical indicator. The computer can also be used as an excellent screening device to alert our investors to recent trend changes The computer makes the task quicker, easier, and more authoritative, and essential to our forex technical analysis approach.


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